Monday, June 24, 2013

Silver Linings Playbook - 2012

Rachael - 6/24/13

I don't celebrate trashy people finding love in real life. Why would I on screen? Get a job, fix your shit, and get back to me. The Academy Awards nominating this for best picture is more bizarre than watching DeNiro root for the Eagles.

Rating - 1


Chandler - 6/24/13

An emotionally crazed widow seduces a delusional, bi-polar felon. And it's shoved down your throat as a love story. Hollywood has run out of ideas.

Silver Linings Playbook suffers from many of the flaws most movies do. For one, I don't give a shit about the plight of the characters. The movie makes it quite clear how much this family loves Eagles football. So right off the bat, 99% of the county loses interest. Why the Eagles? They're a terrible underachieving team with an even worse fan base. It's almost as if the sports aspect was added to keep the attention of men in the audience. Make no mistake... this is a terrible chick-flick.

Robert DeNiro is horrible in this movie. He's an OCD, superstitious illegal bookmaker (as in gambling) who can't stop betting on his own team. We're lead to believe he has a successful book... but NO bookie is successful if they're gambling with baseless emotions. At one point he's trying to give away points on a spread, increasing it from 1.5 to 10! All because he believes in his team and the luck of his family. It's a excruciatingly over-acted scene filled with gambling cliches and mind numbing stupidity.

The two main characters are awful as well. Patrick almost beats some guy to death when he catches him fucking his wife. He then gets out of an 8 month stay at a psych-ward (court ordered) and attempts to get his wife back. He does this by losing weight and making excuses for his actions. I'm pretty sure his actions were justified, and he's just an idiot for wanting to rekindle a relationship with his whore wife.

Tiffany is the "new girl" whose cop husband has been killed. She's also unemployed after fucking her entire office, which I guess was some sort of coping mechanism. After meeting Patrick for 5 minutes, she decides to take him home and date him. Despite his refusal, love blossoms after she lies her way into trapping him in a terrible remake of Save the Last Dance (which is also a shitty movie).

Halfway through this film I realized I was watching various personalities of people I hang out with. And it's bad enough to witness the pathetic delusions in real life.

Rating - 1

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