Monday, September 16, 2013

Pan's Labyrinth - 2006

Chandler - 9/16/2013

At its heart, Pan's Labyrinth is about the Spanish Civil War in 1944. The evil Nationalists are hunting Republican rebels, and basically acting like dicks the entire movie as they occupy a small village. Caught in the conflict is Ofelia, a young Spanish girl whose mother is now married to a Nationalist general and pregnant with his baby.

Ofelia is a typical hippie girl, obsessed with stories of fairies and magic. Her real father is dead and her mother is a bit too preoccupied with her new sociopathic husband. So little Ofelia runs though the forest and encounters mythical creatures. Fun.

The real reason to watch this movie is for the special effects. Using mostly makeup and animatronics, the director doesn't shit all over the film with CGI graphics. It's a very welcome change in today's movie industry. And if it weren't for the awesome costumes, this movie would be a waste of time.

Rating - 2


Geoff said...

Watching a movie for its costumes is like reading a book for the font.

Chandler said...

Ehhhh... I'm not sure that's a good simile.

There are a ton of cheesy 80's "horror" films that were awesome because of all the bloody special effects.

Pan's Labyrinth was by no means "awesome." But at least the make-up and non CGI effects somewhat entertained me.