Monday, February 18, 2013

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World - 2010

Rachael - 2/18/13

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World wasn’t a movie I particularly wanted to see. It’s based off of manga-style comic book series, which although I like comic book movies and Asian foreign films, manga is a world I don’t understand nor have interest in. But it came recommended so I tried to go into it with an open mind.

I instantly appreciated the video game / comic book feel of the movie, created by eye-popping visual effects and video game sounds. It allows the characters’ to interact with the space around them on another level, amplifying emotions. Even though these effects proved rather childish as the movie progressed, I still give it style points.

As characters are introduced, their name, age, and “level” appeared in a box next to them, letting the audience know this movie is about people around the age of 22. I don’t believe any character was over the age of 25. And it doesn’t take long until you realize the movie deals with issues only thought to be as intense as the movie treats them by people between the ages of 17-23: starting new relationships and dealing with the fact that you’re not the first person to date your significant other.

I know I’m giving adults too much credit, but theoretically once you hit a certain age and have been in enough relationships, you develop a level of maturity that allows you to let the existence of exes fall into the background. But for young adults who have only been in a couple relationships, I guess this is a huge deal to overcome, and worth building a comic book series and movie around. I’m was already emotionally detached from the plight of Scott Pilgrim and what he’d do to date the “girl of his dreams” Ramona.

I completely separated myself from this movie once I realized there is zero chemistry between any of the characters to warrant use of the “L” word (love, not lesbians), let alone risking lives over relationships. There is no girl in the world where every single one of her exes (going back to the 7th grade) is still hung up on and wants back regardless of how hot their current girlfriends are or how successful and famous they’ve become. Especially this girl, who looks goth and has the charm of burnt white toast. Sorry Ramona, in real life your exes are over you and probably forgot that week in middle school when you guys dated. And there is no way Scott Pilgrim is bagging the hot Asians and hot rock star chicks that are fighting over him. He has no job, he sleeps in the same bed as his gay roommate (and whatever other dudes his roommate brings home) and his hair kinda makes him look like this:

In real life, Scott Pilgrim can only get Juno-esque chicks.

Now I’d let Cera’s looks slide if I truly felt the two main characters were supposed to be together. But there’s no way I’m going to emotionally back Pilgrim for 112 minutes as he roundhouse kicks and karate chops his way into a relationship that will probably end unconsummated within a month.

Rating - 1


Chandler - 2/18/13

This movie lost me when the first "battle" turned into a painfully awkward musical. It then tried to draw me back in with some clever and unexpected nerd humor (people turn into coins when they die), but the giggles were too few and far between.

I get the metaphor. But the idea would probably be better served as a short film instead a full-length feature. Or, maybe it works better as a comic. Either way, it flopped in the box office... and again in my living room.

Rating - 1

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