Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Pianist - 2002

Chandler - 2/7/13

When director Roman Polanski isn't having sex with 13 year old girls, he makes some pretty decent movies.

The Pianist is no exception. Unlike the movie Shine, which I also just watched, there isn't much piano playing in Polanski's story. Instead... there's a lot of Germans killing Jews.

The Pianist is a biographical film of a Polish-Jewish piano player, who gets "stuck" in Poland during WW2. The movie follows the establishment of the Warsaw Ghetto, the failed uprising and eventually liberation by the Soviet Army.

It's a pretty accurate film, with a lot of great detail given to the Warsaw Ghetto. It's also pretty disturbing at times, as the German government moves from humiliation, to containment to extermination (resulting in the death of over 300,000 Jews from the ghetto alone).

Worth a watch, especially for the historical context.

Rating - 3

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